If you know anyone who wants to buy

or sell Real Estate anywhere in the U.S.,

contact us with their information and we

will place your referral.

Or if you know a sales associate, you can

place the referral yourself, directly

with that agent. Simply send us a copy of

your referral agreement and when the

property sells and settles you will be paid a

referral fee.

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Real Estate Licensee who:

• Are retiring from the Real Estate business

• Have no time for Real Estate

• Have another job

• Have health problems

• Are going back to school

• Believe Real Estate sales is not for them

• Are moving from the area

• Are new agents not yet ready for sales

• Cannot afford the many fees and expenses involved in joining the Real Estate Board


   • Maintain an active Real Estate license.

   • Earn additional income by being paid for settled referrals.

   • Make referrals to or from anywhere in the country.

   • Make commercial referrals.

   • Live anywhere in the world and still be a member and make referrals.

   • You will receive unsurpassed company support.

   • You do not pay Real Estate association fees.

   • You do not pay MLS fees.

   • You do not pay for errors and omissions insurance.






What are the costs involved in being a member of Southeast Referral and Associates?

The initial fee is $95 and then you are billed annually that same amount on the

same month the following year. The only other costs involved are the fees to renew

your license with the State (fees vary by state) when needed, and the cost of

CE courses, if required.


How much can I really make on a referral?

When a referral settles, Southeast is paid a referral fee and we split that with you

on a 90/10 basis. For example, if you refer someone who buys or sells a home for

$300,000 with a 3% commission on the referred side and a 25% referral fee, after

your 90/10 split, you would receive $2,025 just for referring the client to an

agent. A little over $2,000 for just taking a few minutes to make a referral…Not bad!


How much of a referral fee should I ask for?

When you are placing a referral directly with an agent yourself, the referral fee is an agreement between the two of you, but 25%-35% is typical. It can be more or less, depending on your agreement.


Do I still have to do Continuing Education when my license is with Southeast Referral and Associates?

YES! Any active license must be renewed and Continuing Education must be completed.


Can I get a referral on the sale/purchase of my own home?

YES! You would refer yourself to an agent, just as you would any other buyer or seller. PLUS, when you are buying or selling your own home, your split will be 100%.


If I know an agent I want my client to work with, can I use that agent or do I have to go through you?

If you know an agent, you can go directly to that agent, using your Customer/Client Referral form as your referral agreement. If you do not know an agent, just call us with your clients’ info and we will take care of it!


What do you need from me when I place a referral?

If we are placing the referral for you, we always need at least their name, address, contact info and any important info you want to pass along to us. If you are placing a referral directly with an agent, please send us a copy of your signed referral agreement for our records.


Can I make commercial referrals?

Yes! If you know a commercial agent, you can go to them directly, or just call us with the info and we will place your referral for you.


How can I promote myself as a referral agent?

Everyone has different styles, comfort zones and techniques, so this will obviously vary from agent to agent. The most important thing is to make sure everyone you know or meet, knows you have a real estate license and that you are a resource for them. The most cost effective way is staying in touch through email and telephone calls. Social media is also a very effective way to stay in front of your “sphere of influence”.


What happens if I don’t know any agents to refer my clients to?

Just give us a call and we will help you find an experienced agent in the area.


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